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    1. BumbleVee

      I was afraid to try anything with yeast til almost two years ago… now…I am baking our own breads and loving it….
      Blogging did it for me… I kept seeing people who were beginners all over the place… finally I figured what the hey! I can do this too…and now I am !

    2. Tasty Eats At Home

      I saw this in Bon Appetit and thought "Oh my, that sounds delicious!" Haven't tried it yet (gluten-free turnovers scare me!) but I'm so glad you did and that they came out so well! I think maybe I need to adapt the recipe and try it for myself! Yum! Thanks for linking up!

    3. Danielle

      These look simply amazing! I don't bake much these days but may just have to make these. Really great!

    4. petite nyonya

      I am very keen on this pie! Have bookmarked it and now on my 'to try' list. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!

    5. penny aka jeroxie

      These looks so nice and crispy! I have only made a couple of pies and will give this a try. Looks and sounds easy!

    6. Heather

      These look delicious! We do have the same cravings. I guess that's what happens when the fall weather hits. Great combination of the cheese, apple, and cranberries. I will have to try these. Thanks for sharing!

    7. My Little Space

      I love the crispy look! Will try it out once my pastry dough is done. I can find the readymade one, so have to make my own. Thanks for sharing.

    8. Christine

      These turnovers are gorgeous, stuffed with delicious fillings.
      I bet your husband would ask you to bake him more pies in the future.

    9. April Cavin

      My husband is a pie guy, too, and I have only attempted making my own crust once. It turned out ok, but I get a bout of anxiety when I think about trying it again. Of course, when I read your recipe it makes me want to get out the rolling pin! 🙂

    10. Tasty Trix

      These are so cute! Divina is right – these would be great for breakfast. I can just taste them with a cup of coffee, mm.

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