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    Reader Interactions


    1. Cristie

      These look wonderful, I needed this last summer! I'll bookmark it.

    2. {kiss my spatula}

      these are brilliant - my idea of the perfect snack!

    3. The Duo Dishes

      They sounded great in your tweet. Even better to look at.

    4. Cathy

      This looks really yummy. Now if my zucchini would just kick it high gear.... 🙂

    5. HannahBanana aka Amanda

      These are something I would definitely make...I love zucchini and anything with a good dip.

      I understand your zucchini dilemma. Years ago when living on Vancouver Island, whenever I left my car window down, I would return to a large zucchini sitting on the seat. I can't TELL you how many times this happened. And back then all I made with it was MANY zucchini breads and muffins! ha!!

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