Meringue Cookies with Peppermint & Chocolate

Meringue cookies are a treat straight from my childhood. Candy canes & chocolate chips tucked inside make these a fantastic holiday cookie!


Granulated sugar Cornstarch Salt Egg whites Vanilla extract Cream of tartar Candy canes Chocolate chips

Whisk egg whites


Whisk the egg whites, vanilla & cream of tartar until foamy.

Whip stiff peaks


While whipping, add sugar, cornstarch & salt until stiff  peaks form.

Add candy canes


Gently fold in most of the crushed candy canes until  combined.

Form the meringues


Spoon the meringues onto a lined baking sheet. Push a chocolate chip into the center of each cookie.

Time to bake!


Bake in the oven, then turn the oven off and allow the cookies to cool in the oven.

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Serves: 48 Prep Time: 30 mins Cook time: 2 1/2 hrs Total time: 3 hours