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    1. Girl Foodie

      For me, this is the kind of dish that just SCREAMS Summer. I think this is what grills were invented for.

    2. Caitlin

      I made a very similar recipe using flat iron steak from a local farm…try locally grown, grass fed aged beef and forget Madonna, you will be singing like Nacha Guevara!

    3. Dror H.

      I LOVE Chimichurri. I go to a restaurant where they make this wonderful sauce. They put more vinegar in it. It's great with a beef steak.

    4. Kim (@ Paper Apron)

      I've never made chimichurri sauce before, in fact, I guess I've never tasted it! I need to get this on my to-do list. The recipe looks wonderful and you've made it seem effortless.

    5. Lana

      Love chimichurri and this one looks fabulous! I'll be trying your recipe next time we grill steaks. Thanks!

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