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    1. Anonymous

      Would anyone happen to know how to make the dish Julie made in the opening conversation with her hubby about what was she going to do and they sat down to bread grilled with butter in a pan with what looked like red and yellow tomatoes piled high on the bread. Loved the movie can't stop thinking about tbis dish and drooling over the possibility of eating it.!

    2. pegasuslegend

      this sounds really delicious!

    3. Victor Yu

      I was thinking for an appetizer for this Friday,prosciutto is my favorite ingredient, thanks for sharing.

    4. VintageMixer

      these look amazing! I made something similar a few weeks ago with a creamy thyme dressing on top of the mushrooms.


      this looks so amazing! i saw the movie today and loved it; was looking for something to cook inspired by the movie that was vegetarian - this ain't it!!!

    6. My Sensei

      These crostinis looks so great. All my fave ingredients, esp the prosciutto! My parents would love these, thanks for the recipe!!

    7. Miranda

      Yum. I would devour all of these. I love love mushrooms and this looks so incredible.

      I love your site!!! It always has such awesome posts.

    8. alwayswinner786

      These crostinis look delicious. Perfect yummy combination of my all time favorite mushroom and cream.

    9. Elin

      this is my favourite...mushroom, cheese and bacon...lovely, thanks for sharing 🙂 and congrats for making it to Today's Top 9 🙂

    10. AndreaQ

      Yum! All my favorite ingredients!

    11. Chef Fresco

      Great looking crostini! Especially w. the shiitake and gorgonzola!

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