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    1. Cheese Puffs for yummy taste

      Yummy stuff...looks like the delicious cheese puffs i had at home

    2. Cheese Puffs for yummy taste

      Great stuff to eat. would love to have them at least once.

    3. Cherry Blossom

      What an adorable picture - these are perfect!! Thanks for this amazing and easy recipe

    4. Mike

      These look to be wonderful with bacon & eggs! Or perhaps with Easter Ham!

    5. AndreaQ

      oh these are so cute! And I love Sage & Gorgonzola.

    6. Kevin

      Cheese puffs would be so good with gorgonzola!

    7. Reeni♥

      What heavenly treats these must be! I love the flavors in them!

    8. nooschi

      Mmm...ur cheese puffs look delicious. I toured around Europe in my teenage years, the time when I couldn't appreciate the beauty and culture I experienced. Hoping I can go back soon...I loved Italy and France.

    9. Rebecca

      i'm sure i could eat this entire batch in one sitting!!

    10. Sophie

      A beautiful addition to any dinner! Yum. I could even see these taking the place of regular rolls during the holidays.

    11. Jessie

      oh you're so lucky to travel around Europe! those cheese puffs look so decadent and elegant

    12. Cookin' Canuck

      Thanks again for all of the comments.

      DoggyBloggy - yes, this is choux pastry, which is also used to make profiteroles and other tasty treats.

    13. 5 Star Foodie

      Your cheese puffs look spectacular! I love the gorgonzola and sage filling!

    14. Jennifer

      DELICIOUS!!! I had similar to these at a restaurant earlier this year.. sooo good!

    15. Marillyn 'Mare' Beard

      These look delicious!! I wanna try it out!!

    16. doggybloggy

      is this like choux pastry? looks really good - I also backpacked around Europe and turned 21 in Paris!

    17. Bellini Valli

      I was 18 and fresh out of highschool when I backpacked Europe.Definitely a culinary adventure. What sticks out in my mind were kind of like a grilled cheese sandwich with an egg which I seeked out all over Italy.

    18. Jenn

      Being the cheesehead that I am, I know I would definitely enjoy this. I've had several cheese puffs before, but never with sage and gorgonzola. I can just image the flavors when you bite into them. Mmmmm...

    19. Kim, Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet

      You are so funny! I loved this post! I'm jealous you got to tour Europe so young! I've barely been around the U.S.! LOL!

      Now with all that said...can I have a cheese puff now? I know I can just pop one in my mouth and be a happy girl the rest of the day!

    20. Cookin' Canuck

      You guys are on the ball with your comments today! I've barely had a chance to respond.

      Neil, I'll have to try this with paprika and saffron - sounds great!

      All of you who liked the look and sound of these - thank you!

      To all of you who would like to backpack through Europe - it's never too late and it's certainly not too late to encourage your children to do the same. I went by myself, but met up with friends along the way for a week or two. It was an amazing way to build my confidence in my ability to take care of myself. A valuable lesson in your early 20s.

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