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    1. Medeja

      I like crepes and with almost any filling 🙂 but I still haven't learned to make those thin pancakes.. I always ask mom to make them for me :)))

    2. Kim - Liv Life

      Oohh!!! I am excited about these!! I have never had anything but a sweet crepe, and while I like them, this is something that I would love. I've not worked with the garbonzo bean flour, but had seen it at the store. Actually had it in my had but didn't know what I'd do with it!
      Thank you for this recipe, I'm really eager to try!

    3. Lauren's Latest

      I've only ever had sweet crepes, so I'll have to try these savory ones! Looks great!

    4. Belinda @zomppa

      Whoa!!!!! Baked crepes - love them!! Fun to have food memories like that.

    5. Emily Malloy

      These are delicious!

    6. Wilde in the Kitchen

      Once I saw there was sausage involved this recipe got very interesting for me. I love sausages! Great tip about making the crepes ahead of time. They always take so long to prepare!

    7. Stephanie

      This looks delicious! I usually always make sweet crepes but I love this idea for savory crepes. Your photos are beautiful and are making my mouth water!

    8. danasfoodforthought

      Wow my mouth is watering.... great pics! Now I think I want crepes for lunch... lucking there's a French takeout place nearby!

    9. Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

      I love crepes and it's so great to see them this way. Fabulous!

    10. Drick

      love that sausage... this dish and the previous meatball one is a toss up - both are so darn good sounding and inviting....

    11. Darla @ Bakingdom

      My hubster walked my while I was reading this post. I am now committed to making these! He's awfully excited about them...so much so that he may actually end up making them before I do (which definitely works for me)! Thanks!!

    12. Heather (Heather's Dish)

      i've actually never had a savory crepe...i think it's time to change that, don't you? 🙂

    13. Pretend Chef

      I have numerous stories like the one you've shared. Teen girls and their boy crazies! Haha! But then again even into my early twenties I was still boy crazy. Now that I think about it... I'm still boy crazy for my guy and my itty bitty! I don't think it will ever get out of my system. Those crepes look and sound incredible! I have never had a crepe and want to try them. Needing to add that to my list of "need to make!"

    14. Pegasuslegend

      Your professional photo's are just to marval at, the food looks wonderful the refcipes is awesome!

    15. Rosemary

      I love making crepes but, frankly, my experience has been limited to the savory kind, like the ham and asparagus filled you mention or spinach and chicken, and my favorite -- cannelonni. I love the idea of sausage and zucchini!I'll have to try sweet, too. I happen to have some Nutella . . .

    16. MaryMoh

      Mmmm...I would love this for breakfast. Looks very delicious.

    17. Elin

      CC...I love savoury crepes and yours look good. I am sure your family loves them too....once again I wish I was just next door 🙂 for the time being I shall just drool and feast on them virtually 🙂 Thanks CC for the wonderful recipe. Have bookmarked this !

      Have a great weekend,

    18. Marla

      I enjoy crepes no matter what, sweet or savory. Experimenting with alternative flours is so fun, I was on a corn flour kick for a while & now spelt is a favorite. Garbanzo flour is great too. The filling sounds wonderful. Cute teenage memories 🙂

    19. kate

      While the warm crepes with Grand Marnier or Nutella remind me so much of my months in Paris after high school, I dare say my favourite crepes were filled with caramelized apples - it was the first thing I ever cooked for my now partner in crime. Such a warm and delicious thing to make for someone be it sweet or savory. In fact, I may just have to make some tomorrow.... mmmmm crepe goodness.

    20. Kenney

      Looks scrummy 😀

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