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    • Thanks, Bridget! I’m convinced that we’ll be adding dried cherries every Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you, Lauren! I was lucky that I had dried cherries sitting in the pantry. They practically begged to be thrown in with the cranberries.

  1. Dara,
    I get dried Michigan cherries by the . . . . ‘large volume’ load and I’m always looking for ways to incorporate them. This sounds terrific! Thanks!

  2. I’ve been on a mission or challenge against myself to leave the Dark Side of the Canned Cranberry sauce. I am finally coming around – and the addition of the cherries has totally got me SOLD on this recipe Dara!

  3. Made this tonight for a Thanksgiving potluck on Sunday – really good. Added some grated orange peel having used a fresh orange for the juice.

  4. Just finished making it. I added a little more sugar and a touch of cinnamon because I like that in cranberry sauce. I’m anxious to taste it after it’s been in the frig all night.
    Thanks for the idea with the cherries!

  5. Just cooked this today, it was surprisingly easy, I think my only critique would be it was slightly too tart. Only dired cherries I could find were labeled ‘Dried Sour Cherries’ in the bulk section of the local Whole Foods store, maybe that ‘sour’ is why. Other than that I’ll be making this again, I’ve already added it to my recipe binder! Thanks!

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