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  1. Jenny says

    Yes!!! This kind of recipe is what I need for lunches! I feed a large crew here and this will be great to warm their bellies and keep them satisfied through the afternoon. Thank you! Please keep these kinds of recipes coming!

    • Dara says

      That would definitely be an important piece of information to include (rolling my eyes at myself). I edited the recipe to include that information. I hope you enjoy the soup!

      • Cassie Sue says

        No worries, I figured that’s when they were added, but since I’m new to the instant pot I didn’t want to guess.

        I love how simply this comes together. I’m very excited to try it this weekend.

        • Cassie Sue says

          Made this soup this weekend with a few other soups for some friends that came over, talk about simple! The kids liked it, and our friends liked it. I liked that it was healthy, vegetarian, and no hard to find ingredients. Thanks Dara!

  2. Judi Clark says

    I love my pot. I use it all the time but I have to revise recipes because I have kidney failure. I try to use salt free items so the frozen items are perfect to use I add salt free spices and then after I take a portion for myself I can add in the salt for my husband and others to eat or I just let them add at the table
    Just wish there were more for people that cannot have salt and other items because of kidney disease thank you.

  3. Jamie says

    Just getting over stomach problems and needed something fresh and healthy, but tasty and found this. So easy to make and so fast, and it tastes fabulous. Thank you!

    • Dara says

      I’m so glad to hear that! There’s nothing better than a broth-based soup when you’re not feeling well.

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